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Exporting to TMX is strongly discouraged.

  • Makes future changes very difficult. 
  • Isn't really in the spirit of community, means your building cannot be a learning tool to other aspiring building modders and is very difficult to adapt, expand or modify by others if your mod use rules permit it.
  • Entirely possible they won't function in-game, and even if they do...
  • Not future proof at all. If we add extra data to buildingEd buildings, you cannot update existing tmx buildings to reflect changes. Therefore any map that uses even one them will be rendered 100% broken when we go to 3D and will need every such building removed. There'll probably be 10 other things that make cells containing your building useless before we even get to that point though.

Mash spent a huge chunk of time redoing every building in early Muldraugh cells that predated the building editor to tbx for these very reasons.


TBX files can be dragged onto WorldEd/TileZed just like tmx files can.


Talking to Easy about even removing that option as can't really think of one reason it's advisable to do it. I think it's just a hangover from before tbx files could be used directly.

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You can use everysingle tile in building editor you just have to add them to wich category,but how you edit buildings in tilezed? It automatically loads building ed =/,   Also what if you already made a cell(town) using TMX =/?


You have to remake the buildings in building ed, we made this clear when we released.

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