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Car 100% but doesn't Run (battery ok, motor ok, gas ok)



Hi guys

My car is almost 100%, I change some part as windows and now motor doesn't want to start. Everything is ok, battery, motor, but when I turn the key it doesn't make any noise, just motor orange light turn on, does't make any noise like battery completly down. I tryed to replace the battery but same thing happen.

 Is not the first time that happen to me and just when I make some changes in mechanical parts.

Thanks for Support (PZ is amazing!!!!)


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The engine 'quality' (not the same as the % condition) impacts on engine starting chance - if that value is low it always takes more attempts to start.  Engine quality is fixed and can't be improved.  Click the engine and it should show you the 'quality' value.  Cars are also harder to start when it's cold (I think).

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