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Completed - Large Hotel

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Hey everyone, first post on the forums but i purchased the game a long time ago before it was on steam, been lurking around a bit,
This is my first project been working on every now and then, mainly getting used to the editor tools, will update this once i get it finished off. Exterior is mostly finished for now.

- Neut




after alot of hours heres the finished building :)


- 54 Rooms

- Restaurant

- Bar

- Reception

- Pool area + outdoor grounds

- Lounge areas

- A few Storage rooms

- Laundry


- Only certain rooms have medicine cabinets etc, just so this place is not the go to for all your meds and for a reason to search individual rooms.


Now to just to get it into game to make sure everything works.


Open to suggestions for what my next project should be, Thinking a large police station or hospital.


Overhead Pic





Ground Floor





2nd Floor




3rd Floor




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Have extended it a bit more will update it later today, main building and one wing is done. It originaly was just going to be a courthouse / townhall then i just kept adding to it.

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