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Veged's finished building archives: ArmA 2 style fire station added


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Free for all
This mod can be added to and extended by the whole community. Crediting the original author would be lovely, but isn't necessary.
(Then again, this community values loveliness above all else.)

Piece by piece I am going to shift my WIP buildings into this thread for everyone free to use. Have fun with is :)

Uploaded the .tbx files for you.

ArmA style fire station:

Small wooden house:
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I LOVE the US version of the ARMA 2 Fire station. Seriously, great work, be proud of that :)

The small house is nice too, although I think it wouldve been nicer if there were smaller / lower roofs, but thats none of your faults anyway so nice work at that aswell.

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Awesome work! Should point out that posting a tmx is not recommended at all. It's unlikely to work in-game without some messing about and when we go to 3D your buildings will become completely useless. We should remove that export really.



Oh. I wasn't aware of that. Have the .tbx instead. :)

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