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Please can you make a topics for your lots because there is an image limit and i cant show all of your images also include a download link there,Its much easier for us that way.Thanks :)




Stick to hyperlinks to the images? :P


Im comfused XD

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Hey guys Ive run into a bit of a problem with my main post.Ive maxed out the image limit :P .So I'm going to have to find a way to sort it out soon :/ Think I should have made a few reserve posts...Didn't think of that...

Hmm ... Maybe take the pictures to the Wiki, and leave this as a simple index?


@ PsychoEliteNZ :


Yop ! If you're hot to do this maybe can you ask to have more space liek an Moderator maybe ;)

I dont think its that simple.The limit might just be in the coding of the website.

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On 7/8/2017 at 10:26 PM, Ciber Ninja said:

Is there any real reason to keep this topic stickied?

Maybe switch with blackbeards topic?

My question too. This looks the same as my topic, unless your focused on something else. There is no point to have 2 topics of the same content as it will add to confusion and a unorganized mess. Reading the title I was under the impression that each lot would have multiple buildings and or contain lots of content in each lot.

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