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[WIP] Raccoon City part 1


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So as far as progress goes I don't like to stress things and get things wrong right? so slow and steady wins the race in my case.
Cell 0.0 is complete with roads so far and I have begun on making basic roads on the second cell, I will ofc make more details on each cell as I go but only once all the roads and streets are done. 
Now am gonna warn everyone, I'am not making Raccoon City to a 100% accuracy because there are several different design on the city that people might be used to, so I'm doing MY take on Raccoon City. 
Anyways will work on it more in the afternoon or tonight we shall see, and don't worry I will post pictures of the map and houses later once I got more progress done but for now I really wanna do something else rather then looking at maps of the city! 

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