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[ 05/01 - Build 23/26 - SP & MP ] - Drip irrigation farming

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Updated for Build 26 (SP & MP).




  • How to install.
    • Single player : as with any mod, put the waterPipe directory inside the mod folder of project zomboid and check "garden hoses" in the in game mod menu. When joining a server, desactivate the mod.

    • Multiplayer (on both server and client computers) : The easiest way to install it is to place the media folder of the mod inside the project zomboid installation directory, saying yes to overwriting 2 files.
      - overwriting 2 files (rain barrels and takewater action).
      - I didn't find any other way to activate a mod, I may be missing something.

      - Obviously, don't activate the mod in game anymore.
      - To revert back, delete the mod files (or do a steam check integrity)

  • What it does for farming.
    • Plants with a pipe on the same square connected to a barrel will receive 1 water every 2 in game hours. You don't have to check them every day anymore, as long as you have water. Otherwise, refill your barrels.
      - It’s the same amount the plant lose every 2 in game hours, but not accounting for sunny days ( an additional - 0.1 water every 2 hours ). It may be necessary to check some plants after a lot of sunny days.

    • Which means you HAVE TO water your plants the first time you plow, otherwise they’ll stay at level 0.

    • If you don’t have enough water in your barrels for all plants within a cluster, only some will receive water ( always the same ones, so all may not die ).

    • Plants will receive fertilizer if there are enough for all of them within the cluster ( both water and fertilizer ).
      - You can take your time pouring the fertilizer without fearing the trigger.
      - If you have 10 plants and want to fertilize all of them to level 3, add 30 fertilizer doses in total to the barrels of the cluster. They will be fertilized in 3*2 in game hours, unit by unit.

    • During winter (october - january) plants will lose health if they are outdoor.

  • What is does for rain barrel collectors.
    • Barrel water level is averaged with all barrels within a cluster.
      - You will have the optimal refill when raining at all times.
      - Don’t connect a 40 unit barrel with a 100 unit one, you will lose all water above 40.

    • Barrels are filled when connected to a piped source (sink and such). It’s a good idea to have one big cluster when water is still on.

    • You can pour in / take water.
      - Water taken is proportional to item number of uses to fill. Water poured is proportional to item number of uses (with water).
      - Amounts of water taken/poured back/transferred are coherent among all items.
      - When taking water, you can interrupt the action, amounts will be coherent.
      - When pouring, as I didn’t implement it over time, if you interrupt it nothing happens; you have to see it through.

    • You can pour in fertilizer.

  • Please report any bug you encounter, but read the description before.

  • Balance suggestions are welcomed too.
  • Note :
    When picking pipes up, you need to pick up 10 to get a garden hose back. It's to avoid having plenty of garden hoses with 0.1 uses or less. It's kind of anoying when you need all of them and misplaced one, as you need to pick up 9 more ... will see if I can change that.
    The download link for build 26, SP & MP. or on PZ-mods.
    The old download link for build 23 (< build 25).
    Community update

    I have patched this to work with Build 28. You can download it here:

    Change log.

    01/05/2014 17:07 GMT+1
    Some fixes (picking pipes up didn't give garden hose back when playing SP, pipe creation (SP), some other stuff)
    27/04/2014 18:27 GMT+1
    Updated for build 26, single player and multiplayer.
    I'm waiting for bug reports :D

    I hope you enjoy it,
    and my thanks to Robert Johnson for it's rain collector barrel and farming mod,

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Well yeah, there's a to do list and I'm open to suggestions !


Like a pipe from the kitchen / bathroom to your garden and barrels (you have to let the door open, or a window maybe) is an idea I'd like to try. You could water plants before you get to carpentry 3 or 4 :)


Also pouring water from buckets & such into the barrel.


I'm also correcting bugs :D. I removed all square infos because I thought it was useless to find out you couldn't drink and take water anymore from any barrel.

The new version (click the download link) should fix any problem and update the barrel water level when you take water to fill a container (no new files or change of code from original game). Sprite should refresh almost immediatly also.


There is also a slight evaporation taking place on sunny days (0.1 pt every 2 hours, for each barrel).

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I'd stay the mod is stable now, it had some bugs that I missed but it should be fine now, pouring and taking water works, you don't create nor loose water (tried with watering can, cooking pot, bucket).


I'd avise those courageous to test it to install the last version :P


edit : with a little container like a mug, it didn't work well (you'd loose water taking it and pouring it back). it should now handle all water containers.

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Water taken from and poured back to a barrel is now proportional to item uses (the bigger, the more water you take).

It's supposed to be like vanilla water transfert between items. If you fill a watering can (40 units or uses), you take 10 water units. A bucket (32 uses) takes 8 water, the mug is 1 use, so takes 0.25 water if i'm not mistaken.


So to water 2 plants (200 water units for plants), you need a full watering can (each use is 5 water on a plant), as vanilla, which takes 10 water from your barrel, as vanilla. The same goes with all water sources.


Side effect is when water is off you have 6-8 small drinks instead or 2+ from water sources.

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Glad I made a fellow survivor come back ! Although you never should have left in the first place !

You can download the new version to use sinks & co with the garden hoses. Let me know if you encounter any bug or have balance suggestions :)

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I installed this mod, and when I enable it, I can see all the options in the right click menu, and use them all ok, with one exception.


When I have the garden hose in my inventory or hand (primary or secondary) and try to add a hose to the ground, nothing appears on the ground (no hose, basically) and the green bar showing the hose's condition doesn't change.


I also see the icon for the hose as a question mark, maybe this is related.


I'm on MAC OSX running build 21, and I cannot find the command to open the console so I can post the log here. Can someone please advise?


For reference, I think is an excellent mod concept, and I feel it should be added to the vanilla game, so everyone can enjoy the beneifts of drip irrigation! (In the past I've grown my own fruit and veggies - in real life! - using drip irrigation and it really *does* save lots of time dragging a watering can all over the place!


For future updates, can I suggest the following:

1) add the ability to add mildew and insect spray into the drip feed barrel to quickly cure plants of their diseases. Not sure if this is practical or possible, but just putting it out there on the off-chance!

2) be able to pour whole containers of water into a barrel, not just small amounts, i.e. empty a whole watering can into it.

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Hi, I'm looking at what could cause your error, but I have no OSX available so it will be hard, I'll keep you posted (MP or edit) though. Do you see a see-through (is it the word ?) sprite of the garden hose after selecting it in the menu and before clicking on the ground ? or nothing at all ?


How did you install the mod ? we never know :P


You should already be able to pour a whole container into a barrel (use the last version). A watering can pours 10 units of water which correspond to 40 of the can uses (i.e. its whole). Otherwise there may be a bug that I don't have.


Good idea for the cures, but usually you want to save these and only use it on sick plants (in game of course, we do bio :D). You would loose a huge amount of it, and doing anything else than 1 spray use for each plant would not be balanced ... I'd need to find a workaround :)

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I installed the mod into the /Users/Zomboid/mods folder like I would install any other mod.


I don't see a see-through sprite of the garden hose at any point. There is no sprite showing in my inventory, just a question mark inside a circle, which must be some sort of placeholder for objects where the sprite was not found, I guess. The first time I try to set the hose on the ground, the green bar above the character's head appears and fills quickly from left to right, but then on subsequent uses, no green bar appears at all.


On further thought, you are right about saving the cures for only truly sick plants - nothing else makes any sense...


And one last thing, you're right, the latest version does pour the full contents of a container into a barrel. I was holding several containers of different sizes in my inventory (bowl, bottle, watering can), and so the watering can (being the largest capacity) had its option right at the bottom of the sub menus, and actually off the bottom of the screen I think...

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Ok, the first bar is you equiping the hose in secondary hand. Since you see no sprite and have no inventory icon it must be something related to textures not being found, maybe something like a path error.


Maybe you could modify some path to test it.


Go to my mod media/lua/WaterPipe.lua and at the begining there should be this code :

function WaterPipe.loadTextures()	getTexture('WaterPipe.png');	getTexture('PipeCornerNE.png');	getTexture('PipeCornerNW.png');	getTexture('PipeCornerSE.png');	getTexture('PipeCornerSW.png');	getTexture('PipeCross.png');	getTexture('PipeNorth.png');	getTexture('PipeSE.png');	getTexture('PipeTN.png');	getTexture('PipeTS.png');	getTexture('PipeTE.png');	getTexture('PipeTW.png');end

Change 'WaterPipe.png' to its absolute path, something like '/users/your name/Zomboid/mods/waterPipes/media/textures/WaterPipe.png' I'd say.


Then, if it didn't work, in /media/scripts edit the single file and change WaterPipe.png to its absolute path again, without quotes.

If you see the inventory icon, use the absolute path for all textures or send it to me and I'll do the changes. But I have no mac to test it.


EDIT : I may have a mac OS X Dvd somewhere ! I'll look for it and install it in virtual box, we'll see. I'll keep you posted. What's your OS X version ?


In last resort, you can try to add Item_ as a prefix for the png file (Item_WaterPipe.png), I don't know :P


PS: Does anybody have this mod on mac or linux ? is it running fine ?

PS2 : menus should not go offscreen, unless the menu is bigger than your resolution. I may have to display less pouring options then. When pouring water, one item is choosen and its uses are displayed. Once empty you have the pouring options for other containers. It works like that. You can't have pouring options for more than one item at a time, but you can choose the quantity to poor (in water units or in uses, both are displayed).

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I started to make the amendment to WaterPipe.png as you suggested, but then noticed that I don't see any textures folder inside the WaterPipes mod folder in .../Zomboid/mods - is this relevant at all?

Btw, I use OSX Mavericks 10.9.1 - the latest release of OSX. Hope you can find this to install, let me know if you can't...


Btw 2, obviously the smallest water container is selected to pour from first, right? Would it not make sense instead to pour from the largest container first? Just a thought...


Btw3, since the title of your mod is WaterPipes, can I suggest that you add "WaterPipes" or "Water Pipes" to the title of this post topic and maybe add it to the tags too? When I tried to search for the term 'water pipes' in the forums, several posts appeared, but this wasn't one of them!

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I added it to the tags. I used water pipes when starting the mod because I didn't know the correct english word and postponed my search :P


The textures folder is in /media, along with the lua and scripts folder.


Good note about the selected container, I'll look into it when I'm done with OS X. Unfortunately I have a snow leopard disk ... and I'm not sure I can run the latest build, I'll see.


I managed to get OS X to work in vm ... but as project zomboid starts (I see the menu entry on the top bar), it closes ...

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Hmmm, okay, this is getting more confusing than I can handle on a Sunday...

In the OSX version of PZ, there are files in two different locations that I know of (who knows, there may be more).


The actual game files are contained in an application image, in the Library/Application Support/Steam folder within an umbrella folder for Steam games.

The save files, mod files and a few other .ini options files are in a different location with a path such as '/Users/YourName/Zomboid/


But when you wrote about '/Users/YourName/Zomboid/mods/waterPipes/media/textures/WaterPipe.png' it's kind of like looking for one file (WaterPipe.png) which actually exists in the other location. Even then, while I can find the lua and scripts subfolders inside the Library/Application Support/Steam/...../media/ folder, I can only see a 'texturepacks' folder, not a 'textures' folder.


Is the Mac OSX version different than other OS versions in this regard? Is this why some mods don't work properly under OSX and why it's being fixed for the next version?

Things that make you go 'hmmm'...  :huh:

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My guess is mods go to your home directory, then Zomboid then mods. Where survival and sandbox folders are (your saves), not the steam folder in applications. In my mod folder, you have a media directory, and inside it, textures. You can try to point to that path. But as RobotMat said, it may be because of the current build.


PS : I'm french too so translation wise I should do fine, but thanks. I'll have to look into that translation thingy.

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It's official - my brain doesn't function properly on Sundays!


I *did* finally manage to find the '/Users/your name/Zomboid/mods/waterPipes/media/textures/ folder, and what I also found is all the textures that I'm missing in the game for the various pipe pieces, but instead of being called "WaterPipe.png" they are called "Item_WaterPipe.png" instead...


Should I amend the media/lua/WaterPipe.lua file like you suggested before, but add "Item_..." in front of all the items, like so:


function WaterPipe.loadTextures()



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