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5 story apartment


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Free for all

This mod can be added to and extended by the whole community. Crediting the original author would be lovely, but isn't necessary. (Then again, this community values loveliness above all else.)



https://www.dropbox.com/s/avq8oj2vgjjfa83/NW%205%20storey%20Apartment.rar - Download link!






Since the new mapping tools came out, I was working really hard on creating the HUGE apartment building that I'm currently living at IRL.


It mostly consists of 5-6 entrances, 5 story high, 4 flats each floor. In total, that goes by amount of 120 flats in 1 apartment building.


BUT, since each "entrance" has relatively same "copy-pasted" layout, I thought of an easier solution to do it, rather than having to map it all out with hand.





This is a ONE ENTRANCE out of 6. 20 apartment flats in total. I've completed the layout, doors, windows, window sheets, walls, stairs and a roof. I figured, all I need to map left are "edges" of a building, since those have additional windows on the sides, and then just copy-paste this "MID" entrance 3-4 times inbetween. Voila - We'll get a huge Russian apartment building with 120 flats. All there is left to do is fill it up with furniture.




FLOOR PLANS for one of the stories. 4 flats in 1 picture, building ed ran out of colors to give me for each room name ^_^ Copy-pasted this floor plan 4 more stories up.








14/01/2014 Update.




Planned (To-do) :

- Furniture for North East apartment blocks.  (Discontinued due to lack of time or interest)


Finished (Already done) :

- Furniture for North West apartment blocks.

- Doors, Windows, roof, floors, staircases, balconies.

- North East version of this apartment (WIthout the edges yet)

- 2 "Edges" of an apartment (adding windows on the edges)

- 2 "Edges" of a North East version of apartment.

- Light switches.

- Loot distribution/room definitions.

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Finished placing furniture for all three blocks of the apartment. Now you can combine them all in WorldEd and create a very wide apartment complex.


If you combine three parts of the building without extra blocks in  the middle, you get 60 flats in total, all with furniture and lights.




Overview of all three blocks combined together in WorldEd.


It's my first building, so.. Should I upload the files in tbx or tmx format?

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Alright, so, I saved the buildings in tbx format. The archive contains three files :








As follows, "LEFT" is a left edge of a building, "MID" stands for the middle block, you can copy and paste this one as long as you want, and "RIGHT" is the ending, a.k.a the "right edge".


To avoid artifacts when combining buildings together (the buildings collide and a line of wall dissapears in the middle), I'd advice placing the apartment starting from "RIGHT" and all the way down to "LEFT". That way walls don't seem to collide, glitch or dissapear.


https://www.dropbox.com/s/avq8oj2vgjjfa83/NW%205%20storey%20Apartment.rar - link to the file, you can use the building in your maps as much as you want, just make sure not to claim it as your own, and I'll be fine :P

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If someone can successfully import these buildings into Project Zomboid and run around inside of them, please let me know. This drives me insane, as doesn't matter what I try (including advice from Lemmy earlier in map tools thread), they just refuse to appear in actual Zomboid :(

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Link updated https://www.dropbox.com/s/232o90yxoey4ym5/NW%205%20storey%20Apartment.rar


Fixed the "red rooms" bug when viewing buildings in .lotpack viewer (Saw easypickins reply to someone about it in the other thread, and figured that my buildings need fixing). It seems like I forgot to rename a couple of rooms appropriately.


Now it's fixed, and (supposedly) should spawn loot in all rooms now. Don't take my word for it though, as I still-can't-figure-out-how-to-add-them in the game. q.q

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