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T.I.S. forum emoticon overhaul

Animated Emoticons YES or NO?  

19 members have voted

  1. 1. Would you want these animated emoticons in the forums?

    • Yes, as long as they don't replace the original static images from before.
    • Meh, I don't know...
    • No. (please give feedback as to why you picked this.)
  2. 2. Do you like the animations I've created and would you like to see more?

    • Yes, I like your work and would like you to continue working on more PZ animations.
    • Meh, It's alright I suppose. Continue doing what you're doing if you want.
    • No... I don't like moving pictures or your animations so stop creating these you stupid git.

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The raider returns, if I do recall correctly I think he was bobby collins? Either way we have the trigger happy bastard in a working .gif animation now, with a added shotgun shell eject and blinking eye... R4eaov0.gif



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Added a baldspot death to tie in with the raider... Should look in sync most of the time but when you first add them in a post they seem like the timing is off. Though after a quick refresh it should be ok (timing is still slightly off sometimes so sadly I wouldn't use them together. I'll see about adding them together as one animation).



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Added a Zombie to make up for the delay on the baldspot death animation (back then zombies killed you regardless if the attack played precisely or not, or at least from my experience back in pre-alpha). Also I added a few frames to this to make it look smooth and have a better transition into the attack.




One last thing, I reset the polls so you're able to vote neutral on both questions. Sorry about resetting the polls for that simple error but I couldn't find a way around that so just to be clear it wasn't done without reason.

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