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Issues with MAC OS version; VOIP not working, not detecting bluetooth controller

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Title says it all really. Playing on 2020 13" Macbook Pro. Game runs great for the most part so great job with that. Just some minor bugs with VOIP not seeming to work at all on the MAC OS. Also when I attempt to play this game with my wireless xbox 360 bluetooth controller the game does not detect the controller even though my computer does and it works just fine for other games. As a side not I can plug in my ps4 controller via USB and the game does detect that controller but still shows the buttons onscreen for the xbox instead of the playstation (ie, A B X Y instead of triangle circle square X.)


There is a mod that fixes the issue with the controller icons, so this seems like a widespread issue. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=727439992

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Additionally on 2020 Macbook (Big Sur 11.6.4), attempts to change  [-- Recording Device --] from drop down list and then clicking [-- Apply --] leads to crash; it's reproducible.  Others players may be heard thru VOIP in proximity or over the radio channels.


	• 41.65 or 41.66
	• Multiplayer.
	• Host.
	• Mods:  Yes (Either with or without).
	• Reproduction steps:
         1. While connected in game or beforehand at Options menu, go to Audio Settings.
         2. Attempt to change Recording Device.
         3. Click on Apply or Accept at bottom of Options page.


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Posted (edited)

I have an issue with the controller not being registered by the as well on a 2022 MacBook Pro (M1 Pro), 2020 MacMini (M1) and a 2017 Intel i7 MacBook Pro.

I tried this with an Xbox One Controller and a Nintendo Pro Controller. Steam recognises the controller and says the config has been loaded, however, the game is not responsive to any controller input.


Any progress on this issue? Just noticed the original post was back in January

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Hi! Tell me, have you had similar problems before, or has it appeared recently? Is there a chance that your laptop is infected with a virus and this causes similar problems? I had a similar situation, but there were other problems like screen shake and screen color changes. If this is familiar to you, go to this link and check your laptop for the presence of a virus. I think this will help you solve your problem and avoid the need to contact a service center. Good luck to you!

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