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Project Zomboid Roleplay- Lockdown RP


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Hey there! 


I am an admin of a Roleplaying Community called "Lockdown RP" and we are starting our server on the 28th of January. If anybody is interested shoot us over on discord and have a read on the server lore and then send us over an application! We are a modded server, with the modlist being released soon!


Hope to see you in Wilson County real soon! 




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Episode 2 will be starting on 26th of May.
Some information about our server:
- Heavily modded for both quality of life mods, gameplay enhancement and realism aspects. :sledge:
- Very active and friendly community from all over the globe. 🗺️
- Regular major events hosted by a dedicated events team. :panic~1:

- Moderators and Admins from across all timezones, making problem solving easier for you! :drunk:
- Established lore with regular recaps for new players, making sure that you never miss the action. 📜
- KOS is against our server rules. We want to have a story driven server. However, PVP is allowed providing it is IC and not OOC. :Pistol:
- EU based server. 🌐
- Custom Discord bot. 💻 (edited)

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