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Server frequent warning: "Radio worldsprite not valid"


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Hi all, 

I've been running a Project Zomboid server for the last couple weeks with a fairly high active player base (way over the official server limit) and I've been optimizing the server and fixing issues. 
However, some issues don't really make a lot of sense to me being a server and was just wondering if the devs or anyone could provide some guidance.


I'm getting very frequently the following server log entries: 

[20-01-22 07:47:34.236] LOG  : General     , 1642664854236> 967 526 980> Item -> Radio item = Radio.CDplayer.
[20-01-22 07:47:34.237] LOG  : General     , 1642664854237> 967 526 980> Warning: Radio worldsprite not valid, sprite = .
[20-01-22 07:47:34.237] LOG  : General     , 1642664854237> 967 526 980> Moveable.load -> Radio item = Radio.CDplayer.

 And when I say frequent, I'm talking about several times a minute.


Any guidance on how to fix this? 

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On 1/25/2022 at 9:41 PM, Madforce2k said:

Yeah, I'm seeing that too frequently. But not really ran into an issue that i'm aware of.

Yeah me either, but it happens like A LOT, after chat logs, this must be up there as the most spamy thing. 

As such, would love to know how to fix it or know a way to identify the cause.

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To add onto this dicussion:


I have been testing trying to find out the source of some mini-lag-spikes during gameplay that especially noticeable in big (modded) maps like that Korean 'Daegu' map, which have large high-rises w/ many zomboids and loot spawn locations.


I launch the game w the .bat file and check the cmd.exe everytime I notice the mini-lag spike.


Like @Ralms, I noticed the same console messages that he received.


I even noticed that these same console messages would show up in a whole block during the game's start up process when it is loading everything.


See here: https://pastebin.com/cfs5P3af

I've tried searching for solutions for this specific error over the net, and I have often found this same error embedded somewhere in many posts describing larger, seemingly unrelated issues like main-menu crashes, for example.


I'm stumped  because I've seen people describe it as a non-issue but whenever I notice a mini-spike when just running around, I'll Alt+Tab and see the console spammed by 4 or 5 lines of "Warning Radio worldsprite not valid" error.


This would have some sense if the radio's were somehow bugged and not found in the world...but i'm pretty sure they are not bugged and I see them around...so it's not like they are not spawning..


Case in point: https://pastebin.com/NaXn9KMD
- You'll see here consecutive lines from the console where the Radio.CDplayer is "not valid" and yet There are like 12 messages saying "Item -> Radio item = Radio.CDplayer" which I'm guessing means that they successfully spawned?  

- To confirm: In this same, test playthrough, I was able to find a ValuTech PortaDisc (CD Player) in a house nearby where I was receiving the 12 non-not-valid console messages.



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11 hours ago, Pandorea said:

Do you have any mods enabled on your server? It could be that one of the modded items doesn't "play well" with updated radio / voip functionality.

In my case: 

  • Single Player
  • Mods used: 'Mod Manager'; 'Daegu Metropolitan City'; 
  • Not using any VOIP functions
  • Ran through the city near multi-story buildings; giving the game opportunity to spawn the CDPlayer; fighting zombies

I tried:

  1.  Control test; vanilla distribution

    - Console log: https://pastebin.com/hWNeN75g
  2. Manually removed (deleted) all instances of "Radio.CDplayer" in the 'Distributions' and 'ProceduralDistributions' LUA File in (...server\items)

         - Console log: https://pastebin.com/Q552tfyn



  • Much more  "Item -> Radio item = Radio.CDplayer" and "Warning: Radio worldsprite...Radio.CDplayer" errors in (-1-)
  • Much less prevalence of "Warning: Radio worldsprite...Radio.CDplayer" in (-2-)
  • The mini-spike lags are less noticeable (but still there) when running very few mods (here: 2)
    • In my case with more mods on, these lag spikes really become very noticeable when they show up in the console, which is a lot of the time in vanilla distribution.


  • Even though I removed "Radio.CDplayer" as per (-2-); they somehow still spawned - does CDPlayer exist elsewhere apart from those two distribution files?
  • Why is Radio.CDplayer the only item that shows up in the console when it spawns during gameplay?


Thank you for your time & help



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