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Toilet paper as fuel is too powerful ?

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Playing MP in the version 41.65

I am using toilet paper I found in the Toilet paper house to fuel my Charcoal BBQ



a single toilet paper roll of a weight of .2 lasts for 6h 24mins ? 

It appears that it places 32 uses of the toilet paper roll as fuel, adding 12 min each time


So each square of a toilet paper roll lasts 12min.

I had 50 rolls, and actualy could have added 1600 squares, for a total of 320 hours of fuel


That must be the real reason people were stacking tp rolls eh ?






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Each whole roll of toilet paper you use adds 12 minutes of fuel. You're adding 32 of the 50 rolls you mentioned as fuel, which comes out to 6h24m. You can't break up the individual roll into multiple uses, so you'd be using nearly 3 dozen rolls of toilet paper to add that amount of fuel, not 1 roll 32 times.


That's what it means by toilet paper (32), you're adding 32 rolls, not one roll. If you hover over the "one" in that add fuel menu you'll see that it says 12 minutes, and when you click that one use you'll go from 32 rolls to 31 available.

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