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[41.65] [multiplayer & singleplayer] Herbalist not working?

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Version: 41.65

Mode: both single and multi (dedicated)

Mods: none


Reproduction: I've been playing on a server and was never able to find medicinal plants other than lemon grass even after reading the herbalist magazine.  I've gone into a dev world and created 2 characters and turned on the debugger so I can see where items are.  the character with the herbalist trait can see black sage at their feet, while the character without the trait cannot despite having read the magazine.  The debugger shows that the trait is needed however the herbalist magazine (per the wiki) is supposed to grant the trait.


Question: Is the herbalist mag only supposed to grant poison detection now?


attached pictures of 1 character with and one without the trait, the character without has read the magazine. pz_herb_withtrait.thumb.png.8adce4884dfcee97b57d2744325b635d.pngpz_herb_notrait.thumb.png.c098c927878d04520a47df5509173a48.png


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