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[41.65] [Multiplayer] Items vanish when transferring from personal inventory to container or floor.

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I was transferring a Generator I found from my vehicle and dropped it on the ground and it just vanished. 

   Generator Vanishing video clip: https://clips.twitch.tv/DrabCooperativePterodactylDatBoi-6fMom43AtZlwevfy


Another time I was transferring some Worms to a bag containing fishing gear as well as some worms. Again, the item I attempted to transfer just vanished.
   Worms Vanishing video clip: https://clips.twitch.tv/CrazySplendidPotDatBoi-ZXQMx4rrvgdrnDVL


Another user on the server also experienced this when moving guns & ammunition from their inventory to a player built wooden crate. (no video for this)


I have attempted to reproduce this but have not been successful as of yet.

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This looks like it's a symptom of my report: 

Taking anything out of a bag that's on the ground 'dupes' the item. When you go back to the bag (either after a restart or after some time) the bag is full. The server then recognises the items as a dupe and 'merges' the items together (like the ammo in my video)

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