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[41.65] [Multiplayer] Single-person Dupe with Backpacks

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Version 41.65 Dedicated Server


It's possible for a single person to dupe items in Multiplayer using a satchel, duffel bag or other carriable container placed on the ground.


Steps to reproduce:


Place Bag on the ground with items in it. Log off the server.


Log back in and retrieve items from bag.


Log off and on again.


Items should now be in both your inventory and in the bag.


If you try and take the items again, or place your items into the bag, they'll 'merge' into one and undo the dupe.


This can be done to consumable items to effectively give a single player an infinite supply of anything.


I've included a video demonstrating this below, including the merging of duped items (Server choice blacked out). It works with non-admin players too.



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ah thank you! I was searching for someone having this glitch too because I was annoyed to have duplicated items all the time, and I was wondering if I had a problem with servers or it was a glitch, so if I put them in a "normal" container they won't duplicate? I even have bags with weight higher than the weight limit 


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