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Cant lose weight in MP

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Gaining weight for my character was easy! I started as underweight. and quickly found myself snowballing into overweight and finally into Obese... 
After an in game month of passing doing nothing but working out, rest, and only eating one or two radishes to keep myself from starving I have lost exactly... 0. 
The weight arrow has been down this whole month but I have not lost any weight at all, I have gained 2 levels in sprint, a level in fitness and strength. But my weight has been totally unaffected..  

Any tips or anything I can tell the server admin??

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On 1/11/2022 at 6:18 AM, Beard said:

I am not sure, this is not my fix and I am not sure if it works myself, only forwarding workarounds that I found for this.


After some extended testing, the sleepallowed/sleeprequired did end up working on our server. I can't say for sure what combination it was, we swapped it around a few times, but it did have something to do with the sleep settings on the server.

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Can confirm that this bug is still happening, my players are going mad. 
Will try the sleep allowed thing fix, setting it to true (false and true depending on the setting).

But thats awkward :(

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Posted (edited)

I was told, the calculations could be bugged by an insufficient calories intake.

So maybe try to eat a few more radishes.


Just FYI, currently "satiety" and weight loss have literally no link. Calories and fat/harbs do.

So you could keep yourself fed with no hunger debuffs by a 100 calories -20 hunger jerky, and lose the weight at same speed as by keeping yourself on the brink of a starvation with a two radishes per day.

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