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Why do I see bearded balded men zombies in skirts running around with lipsticks in their pockets? o.O

(but onto more important topics...)



I might be adding more suggestions but that would most likely depend on how active the devs (or a designated spokesman) will be at engaging the community. I also hope that no one will think that by this I am asking for a preferential treatment of some sort, I am just merely stating what will motivate me personally. Currently I will be surfing this forum for a week or two to make my decision, and who knows I might be adding more suggestions. There is lots of room for improving in this game and it is brimming with potential. In the future I hope that it will get the attention it deserves, but for now it has mine.



UI suggestions:


  1. A smaller inventory tab view option for the more experienced players. 
  2. A visual notifier of a unspent attribute point(s).
    MWkLYis.jpg     or   2s81YED.jpg

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