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[RP][US][EU] Project Zomboid Roleplay


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Hi, please come check out Project Zomboid Roleplay!


To know how to whitelist, visit our discord channel:



We are the largest whitelisted RP server currently operating in the latest version of Project Zomboid, with around 600 whitelisted users! We also have some mods installed to improve the quality of gameplay. The mod collection can be seen here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2732135037


We are a very RP friendly community and is currently 3 months into the server (at the time of writing) and is building up a lore based on the interactions of the players. Keep in mind that the lore was built upon using rumors of the survivors. Here are some of them:


Formation of Isiah's Followers (A religious faction headed by a pastor) and the UGC (United Central Government) who allied and operated in West Point.



The formation of Homeplate, a Lawful Evil faction who fortified the place of America's favorite pastime, the baseball stadium in Louisville.

[the stadium is too big to screenshot]


As tensions rise between the 2 biggest factions, a treaty was signed where the UGC and Homeplate cannot cross the bridge that connects West Point and the north. This treaty led to the building of Second Chance, a fortification on the bridge built by the populace that ensures the people's safety on both sides.




After a month, the alleged joining of the 2 factions into the NKR (New Kentucky Republic) was announced. Lockhart became president with Otto as his governor of West Point and started taxing the populace.



It was then soon found out that the Mayor was actually captured upon violating the treaty after trying to find weapons in the military checkpoint. The UGC was apparently annexed into NKR, and the mayor was sent to die. They found his body along with some of the belongings he was allowed to keep.



It turned out that the mayor's death was a fake. He was saved by one of his men, used an infected's body, and placed his belongings on it. He came back for a final battle on the bridge against the NKR with his loyal men along with the help of the people in Second Chance. The mayor's side won the fight (details redacted) but he didn't re-establish the UGC. He founded the ZLF (Zombie Liberation Front) and evacuated from West Point.



Who will now rise up to power? Will the remnants of Homeplate get their revenge? The rest, is up to you to discover.


There are more events and factions in the server like the formation of trading factions, the Salvage Union (AKA The Scrappers) who laid a claim on every metal (horsepower and firepower) in Louisville, the Rangers with the mission of reconnaissance, the KC Express led by the courier who does jobs no questions asked, etc.


Join us now and have the best RP experience in one of Project Zomboid's biggest RP server!

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It was honestly a big surprise to most of us. The mayor played his character as a coward and an idiot and we did not expect such a big brain move up his sleeve.
It's moment like these that makes me realize how Zomboid truly makes you feel like you're in a zombie apocalypse scenario/movie and is an unforgettable experience.

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Hey, i've seen that the post will require a moderator approval before it is visible so that's why i am writing this, my name in discord was Erwin Rommel, and i think i got removed for some reason after i passed the "interview" with cpl.   Was it a mistake or did i do something wrong ?  You can contact me via discord Erwin Rommel#5006

or email : heinzfritz42@gmail.com


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Also I never broke the treaty we genuinely united but I got betrayed by them and one of my own men so I organized a revolution and got my people to join me.

Aftermath of the season:

Second Chance: Destroyed Killed by the scrappers union
Lockhart: Dead his body burried in Homeplate
Otto: Got evacuated out of the County by Federal Troops and created the UCA
Scrapping Union:  Went on to hunt Mayor Otto but never found him
KTC: Left the County

In the end no one won Otto was hunted at every turn forced into hiding....... The National Guard killing innocents........... 2nd Chance being decimated 

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