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Multiplayer disconnects: Cannot invoke "zombie.iso.IsoGridSquare.getX()" because "this.square" is null


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Hey everyone,


We're playing Project Zomboid 41 with 4-5 people on a dedicated server. For almost 2 weeks it has gone rather smooth, up until the last 2 days.

Now we've been experiencing disconnects when in larger towns. 3 of us have disconnected various times both on foot and driving. It has happened quite a few times in a row (and is quite hard when fighting off a horde of zombies or driving over the highway near Muldraugh).


The following client-side error causes the disconnect:

Exception thrown java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke "zombie.iso.IsoGridSquare.getX()" because "this.square" is null at IsoObject.getX line:3026..


Is anyone familiar with what could cause this error? Could it be related to the server running out of resources when dealing with all the entities in a larger town?


Thank you in advance,

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