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If people dont see this for the tongue-in-cheek movie that it is I feel sorry for them. How much of a sad sack do you have to be to miss that. Its like taking  Kung Pow: Enter the Fist seriously.

Tongue in cheek is another man's "stupid for stupid's sake."

If I'll feel sorry for you, you can feel sorry for me, I suppose.


. . . Kung Pow, that was awesome.


It's no Remo Williams style parody, though.

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There's a difference between lighthearted camp movies like this (of which there are plenty of fantastic examples) and over the top parodies of what's already meant to be a lighthearted genre. This is bad, and shows a fundamental misunderstanding for the subject matter.

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personally, i love a good sight gag, and a good spoof movie is at the top of my list of movies to see.


but the trailer shown above just really turned me off. there was not a single scene i saw that made me want to see it, instead i kept checking how much time was left.


Kung Pow was a funny movie, no doubt. the Kung Fu cow and her guided milk missiles were great. but the only similarity to the two movies to me, is the fact that they each have the same 4 letters at the beginning of their name. (Kung)


i dunno, maybe i just need to fire up the great Lt. Detective Frank Drebin again and remind myself what i think is funny.

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You guys must be a riot at parties.


actually, i'm the sober one who gets everyone home safely. for the past 21 years, i'm a Designated Driver. that's my role at parties i get invited to.


and of course, i'm also the one who tells people just what they were saying and doing the night before, whether it's true or not ;-)

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