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NPC Mechanics lol THE NEXT STEP


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Hi my name is Felix and i'm a brazilian's fan of PZ. I've a suggestion for safe house/npc mechanics. If u have played state of decay 1 or 2 you might to know what i talking, change control betwen group members! But first you need to do a AI... please >.< ...after you can implement a system to manage a safe house or camp or whatever and change betwen group members, make some interesting npc’s rng skills and traits, and if my char is not fited to the job i swap to other char npc, this can work whit death too. Make some bad guys driving in highways, a good AI is required, do a code to generate some groups whit survivors around the map. And a new line of traits/stats will good ( Diplomat / speach :v ). I whant to do some tasks to this groups or trade... yeah quests... but not need complex >.>


Love u XOXO,



Art by: himanol


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