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If concerned about Steam and DRM (Check here)

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As a person who is strongly against DRM (internet launching applications to use and play games) I do not like to use Steam for many reasons.


However I came to learn that Project Zomboid can be launched without steam and played in multiplayer online just fine by doing the following.


Go to Steam library's and right click the game Zomboid and look for Browse Local files and run the projectzomboidx64 or x32.bat file to run the game without steam and play basic host server multiplayer without the steam dedication edits.


Note: Dedicated steam servers and basic host servers cannot play together in multiplayer, So if you can't find your friends session/room this might be your answer.


GoG experiences: the updates are slower to get, i have issues joining hosts other then my own local area, meaning i can play with my wife just fine on the internet but when it comes to other players and what others reasons i can't join them even without passwords attached to sessions. i tried many combinations in the filters, its just a no go for now.



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