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[PvE] AWLGaming | Survival of the Fittest


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Server Name: [PvE] AWLGaming | Survival of the Fittest



Server Address:
Server Status: https://www.gs4u.net/en/s/268994.html
Custom Mods collection: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2937301706




-➤ 1. No inappropriate or offensive names.
-➤ 2. No destruction of walls of houses, claimed safehouses, shops or POI.
-➤ 3. Only destroy structures placed by you in your own safehouse or if you get the approval from the player that needs help.
-➤ 4. No claiming is allowed for public stores and POI. A Donator+ is exempt from this rule.
-➤ 5. Don't place structures or barricades in public shops, POI.
-➤ 6. Don’t over loot.
-➤ 7. Don't loot containers themselves from stores or POI. Will mess up their spawn. Fridges from houses or furniture from furniture shops are ok.
-➤ 8. Don't steal cars from other players' safehouses. Don't steal in general from other players. Don't tow vehicles that are claimed
-➤ 9. Don't vandalize other players' safehouses. Blocking, graffiti, everything considered grieving.
-➤ 10. Don't disassemble cars on their spawn nor use their wreckage to block public streets, shops, poi. All blockades should be against zombies, not players.
-➤ 11. Report bugs to the game devs and not us, we are a community hosting the game servers and not Indie Stone.
-➤ 12. If you have issues with the whitelist, griefers or lost items then please use the proper support/ticket channels to report these and not a Discord ping.
-➤ 13. The rulings of the admin team in resolving disputes are final.


Sandbox Options:


 Water Shutoff: 0-30 days
 Electricity Shutoff: 0-30 days
 Food Spoilage: Slow
 Refrigeration Effectiveness: High
 Rotten food removal: None
 Loot Respawn: 168 in-game hours
 Loot Seen Prevent Hours: 24
 World Item Removal List: All items
 Hours fore Removal List: 24
 Darkness during Night: Normal
 GeneratorWorking in Exterior: yes
 Initial Gas Station Amount: Infinite

 Farming Speed: Very Fast
 Plant Resilience: Very High
 Farmings Abundance: Abundant
 Natures Abundance: Abundant
 Compost Time: 1 week

 Generator Spawn: Very Often
 Generator Fuel Consumption: 0.5
 Time before corpse removal: 24

 Loot Rarity:
     Fresh Food: Normal
     Canned food: Normal
     Melee Weapons: abundant
     Ranged weapons: abudnant
     Ammo: abundant
     Medical: normal
     Survival gears: normal
     Mechanics: normal
     Literature: normal
     Other: normal
       XP Multiplier: x2
 Nutrition: on
 Starter Kit: on
 Free trait points: 20
 Weapon Multi Hit: on
 Melee Movement Disruption: off
 Allow Minimap: yes
 Recent Survivor Vehicles: high
 Zombies Attraction multiplier: 1.0
 Car Spawn rate: high
 Chance has gas: high
 Initial gas: Full
 Gas consumption: 1.0
 General Condition: very high
 Player damage from crash: off
 Car damage on impact: normal
 Damage to player from Hit by a car: none

      Speed: fast shamblers
      Strength: weak
      Toughness: Fragile
      Transmission: blood + saliva
      Infection mortality: 2-3 days
      Reanimation time: 0-1 minute
      Cognition: Navigate
      Crawl under vehicle: Often
      Sight: poor
      Hearing: poor
      Environmental attack: on
      Damage construction: on
      Day/Night activity: both
      House alarm triggering: off
      Drag down: on
      Fencelunge: on
 Advanced zombie options: Default


Server Options:

 Allow Sledge: true
  Construction prevents loot respawn: true
  Fire: disabled
  PvP: disabled
  Player respawn with self: true
  Survival days to claim: 0
      Removal time: 72 real hours
      Allow fire: false
      Allow trepass: farse
      Allow loot: false
      Allow respawn: true
  Sleep: disabled

Discord: https://discord.gg/awlgaming

Website: https://www.awlgaming.net





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