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[41.65] Increase weapon swing speed by spamming Push


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• Version 41.65
• Singleplayer
• No mods


• Reproduction steps:
While first holding melee attack (left mouse button), and then also spamming the Push button (space bar), allows for reliably increasing the weapon swing speed to be the same as the Pushing speed.


Seems to work for any weapon regardless of how slow you would swing it normally due to various factors (fitness, weapon type, etc.). While spamming Push when swinging allows for matching the speed of the weapon swing to that of the Push speed. Of course, you still occasionally do an actual Push every once in awhile but for the most part the continuous weapon swinging at an increased rate is not all that difficult to maintain.

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Some additional information:


Regarding the reproduction steps, I wanted to mention that one should have course be holding RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON to be in targeting mode before you start holding LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to begin swinging a weapon. I'm sure this is obvious considering it's the only way you can start swinging/firing a weapon but I felt it would be prudent to clarify that.


In relation to the method of increasing weapon swing speed itself, there does appear to be a point during a melee weapon swing at which you should then Push to swing again in quick succession, rather than arbitrarily spamming the Push key to perform it, however, the timing needs to be precise enough that spamming the key is probably just as effective. That point being near the end of when the weapon swing animation is almost or just has completed, is when the Push would ideally need to occur in order for another melee weapon swing to happen in rapid succession. Either way, the character needs to be in a swinging animation before you start pressing/spamming your Push key otherwise they will continue to Push, and when a Push does occur you will need to ensure the swinging starts again before continuing with the Push.


As I mentioned before this does seem to work for any weapon you use, but this is not the case when stabbing a ground enemy using a short blade weapon as it seems this particular animation cannot be affected by the Push in the same way. Similarly, lighter weapons such as short blades receive a negligible swing speed bonus when performing this considering how fast their speed already is.


It's also worth noting that the character still uses the same amount of energy during each swing (meaning the faster swings will of course cause greater energy loss, compounded when using larger two-handed weapons and the like), rather than using the energy that a Push requires so it's not entirely without negative side effects.


Hopefully that all makes sense but I would be glad to clarify anything that may be confusing. It may not even necessarily be a bug considering that it does have some form of precise timing required, rather an unintended mechanic.

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