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This Gate doesn´t seem to do what it is intended to do... its location is on the rivershore of Louisville.


seperate Problem, but also with Gates, at the Campsite on the Road towards Louisville, the Gates only open for the Person interacting with them. Meaning, if my Passenger gets out of the Car, to open the Gate for me, it opens for him, but keeps Closed for me. He can than, drive through the (for me closed) Gate, leaving me behind. I can than go to the Gate myself to open it, but the State of the Gate, (open/cloesd) is not synchronous with other Players.




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On 12/22/2021 at 4:49 AM, Blake81 said:

So, just found a bug with those new "Metal Barrels" that you find around the refugee camp. In order to make coal, they all ask specifically for "5 Logs", and ONLY THAT AMOUNT. No way of putting 2 first, then 3. It has to be all at once.


As you might know, even with the Strong Perk, CARRYING FIVE LOGS IS NO SMALL FEAT, and they can't be on your backpack, they all have to be in your inventory. This could use an option for adding the logs one by one...


EDIT: Found two carry-over bugs from last IWBUMS. There are still Home tapes spawning as "VHS - Home" and you still cannot wash the backpacks once they get bloody.

You can use Rope to make a 4 Log stack. It will reduce the weight from 36kg to 12kg.

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