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Not shamblers, neither sprinters


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Hey Devs!
It would be realy great to see a new type of Zeds to fulfill a hole between existing "fast shamblers" and "sprinters"!

Fast shamblers (easy):

  • easy to outrun by just walking away
  • become boring at some point, even at big numbers


New Zeds (new medium level):

- fast enough to reach a walking player, but slower than running one

  • brand new challenge for experienced players
  • opportunity to play a long run (compared to sprinters) on a new level for veterans


Sprinters (total nightmare):

  • not very popular, because
  • super hard to fight and run away from

    I remember looking for this option back when I was playing for the 2nd or 3rd time. And I am still surprised that you don't have this option yet considering how much customization you offer and how easy it is to implement! :)
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