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Moist soil After rain


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The game mechanic doesn't recognize moist soil or wet, hence why it removes the realism from the game

This suggestion was made to ensure it would put more realism into the game, here's what I came up with.

After raining the soil will:


  • Hinder the player and the zombie's walking speed due to muddy area
  • Reduce the speed of a automobile on a dirt soil that has been rained on for longer period of time
  • Be possible to trip over if the area has experienced intense rain and the player was running
  • Moisten up the furrow dug by the player given the fact that seeds don't need water, soil does


Project zomboid focuses on realism so I made sure to point this out in case it was forgotten or not thought about.

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  • ZVD changed the title to Moist soil After rain
2 hours ago, ZVD said:

You can also attempt a trap with stakes at the bottom of a hole and cover the above with mud as camouflage, or not cover it and let it be naked. Would sound good against zombies or players

Rakes are in the game so, it would be pretty cool to be able to rake leaves/grass over "mud trap hole".

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we already have an animation going through forest, this could be exaclty like it with just player sinking in the dirt a bit. would make perfect sense and cause some consideration to where you choose to run. not to mention how immersive it is.



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