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It's now available on Google Play - check it out!



Do you remember the Cyber Bee? Now you can help the cute Bumblebee collect as many flowers as possible, because it is now the protagonist! Show it the way through the world full of thorn branches, evil hornets, strong wind, falling leaves and lethal lightnings! Achieve bonuses and use extra powers to increase a chance to survive…


Let's get ready to Bumble!


Key features

 100% FREE!

 simple, intuitive and dynamic gameplay

 real-time environment generating

 rigid body physics

 both local and global leaderboard

 popular social networking services integration


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1.1.0 (2013-09-01)

• [Easy Medium Hard] difficulty slider added

• Access to your Scoreloop account added

• Speed limit set

• Lightning won't kill "ghost" and "armor" anymore

• Lightning visual artifact fixed

• Problem with order of score sending to social media fixed

• Emulator crash fixed

• Minor bugs fixed


1.0.0 (2013-08-01)






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Quick how many bee jokes can be made :D.

This game just screams for players to 'BEE' happy.


All joking aside looks entertaining ;), though I did notice that this game does recycle a lot of the sprites from Cyber Bee. This is 1 aspect of the game I do question myself.


Yup, but that's intentional. We're going to develop several "insect-oriented" games using always the same graphic style in the future.

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