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Idea for a persistent dedicated roleplay server


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OK, I have an idea for a dedicated server based on a roleplay community. Probably has been done before but I could not find any server that is currently active. The idea is like this,

  1. Dedicated server on 24/7
  2. Server will be modded to make it more difficult but with QoL improvements
  3. Server will have very limited resources and tougher zombies to simulate a later apocalyptic scenario
  4. The community will be based on a Discord and that is where all the backend RP stuff will happen (backstories, selecting professions, doling out jobs/tasks, rewards, achievements tracked etc)
  5. All actions are to be done befitting the RP playstyle i.e. When a new community member joins, they will send a distress signal via Discord and the enclave will send out a party to rescue them and bring them back to the safehouse (just an idea that will need to be fleshed out)
  6. As it is a 24/7 server players can join and play when they want with no time restrictions. Large actions, supply runs, rescues can be coordinated via Discord.
  7. At the moment max player count is 16 but once that increases, the server should have multiple communities vying for limited resources.
  8. Can have competitions to see who survives the longest, which community is the most efficient at zombie killing etc


The game is quite good. But it can be better within an RP framework. What do you guys think?

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