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[BUG] [B41multiplayer] [Louisville] Missing tent textures in louisville


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There are some missing textures in louisville. Apparently the textures that are missing are of tents and some crates.



1. Boot the title

2. Load into the gameplay

3. Go to Louisville military outpost

4. Notice that tents textures are missing


Observed Results:

There are missing textures in the game.


Expected Results:

There should be no graphical issues within the game.


Additional Info: after some more exploring, it turns out that all of the new assets are missing for me (Tents, billboards, crates etc.) and they work just fine for the people i'm playing with. It is worth noting that I've already tried reinstalling the game, verifying local files and even tweaking options to see if they're at fault. None of the things I've tried helped in any way.


FIX FOUND: Checking "Double-Sized Textures" have fixed the issue.


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