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Stove duplicating food and inconsistently cooking between clients, and some observations.


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I'm hosting a game for 4 friends, not a dedicated server.


Food Duplication:

One person stayed behind to cook, one person stayed behind to eat the food when it was done being cooked. The other two of us were away, looting


The cook made the food, and gave it to the person who intended to eat it. He ate the food, and the other two came back. One opened the stove and found an uncooked version of the food, and the other opened the stove and found a cooked version of the food. Both are removable from the oven, both are edible and provide the benefits from the food to the player who eats it, and if it is placed on the ground it can be picked up and eaten by other players. Attached are pictures of the two perspectives




There was also an issue with the sound of cooking food bugging out and duplicating, never ending for all of us on the server despite the stove being off and nothing being in the oven for anyone.


I have a suspicion that the stove duplicated somehow, but I have no way to test currently. I'll edit/add a comment if I manage to do so, but a restart of the server fixed the issue. If this doesn't repeat, I'll also add an edit/comment to clarify hopefully tomorrow.



Zombie attention seems odd sometimes. They'll pace back and forth as if they're attempting to approach something not within their path finding ability to approach, and they'll ignore a player approaching them as if their "aggro" is on someone else. Is there a way I can see and confirm this?


Other players seem to jump around and stand in odd places, especially when relating to doors, windows, and hop-able fences. It's as if the door opens/closes too quick for an observer to see them pass through it properly, but the player passing through the doorways has no issue. I've also found that people can appear to be falling from windows for a split second, or appear to be running outside of a building despite actually being inside. Nothing that seems game-breaking by any means, but confusing on occasion


There was a fairly amusing bug where one player was constantly stomping and teleporting from all observer's perspectives until they attacked something again, as if it needed an update to the animation state


Haven't tested cars yet, but that's a project for tomorrow as well. I'll likely edit/comment with anything new on those as well

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The sound bug for stoves is easily recreatable, still haven't been able to see if it's actually duplicated, but based on the following paragraph I suspect it won't be, and won't attempt to test it.


The duplication bug is present in almost every container, it seems to "update" to one player's previously last seen "old" arrangement when they aren't near another player with the actually-most-recent "new" data at the point of receiving it. Once it's "updated" for the "old" arrangement, they perpetually see it and can interact with it even when someone else comes in with the newer information. The "new" data doesn't overwrite the "old" data, but the "old" data doesn't overwrite the "new" data, so it leads to inconsistent storage items. The only apparent solution is to go far enough away that it all "un-renders" and your client has to request the information again (this description is coming from someone who doesn't understand code, but I feel as though I've seen a 'logic' to the bug and felt the need to express it)


Cars seem primarily fine, but when we're using VOIP and we're driving, the actual voice sounds like it's moving tile-by-tile and it makes a weird stutter-y distortion. This also raises a question; are there plans to overhaul VOIP to include higher microphone frequencies and noise cancellation? We had to turn down the frequency of one group member's microphone so she could use VOIP in the first place, as she has a high quality studio microphone. Also, please at least find some way to address the horrendous sound peaking problem, speaking at a normal volume on everyone's microphone has somehow caused incredibly loud and obnoxious peaking sounds randomly.

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I confirm. dup found - total: put the thing in the container, and take it at about the same time - voila, you took ONE thing BOTH players. Including a backpack with loot inside the cabinet is duplicated. Needless to say, with such an error, I don't want to test anything else in multiplayer. The author of the topic, you can correct the title to "duplicate all things" and not just food, you look, the developers will pay attention.

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I'm not sure how to edit the title, I've only used this forum one other time. If I could, I'd change it to "Container duping items" instead of "Stove duplicating food items"


Ironically, I haven't experienced a dupe like that specifically. Everything I've found involves inconsistently seeing what's inside of containers, sometimes two people can look at the same one and it's completely different

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I've had another instance of duplication that wasn't food or stove related; for some reason, the entire contents of a full toolbox duplicated, and now the toolbox has about 30+ weight in it. No idea what could have caused it, but it happened.

Most containers seem to have the issue where stored items "revert" to previous states of what was stored in there, much to the dismay of the person who actually does the organizing in our group. We cannot definitively confirm if we've lost things, duplicated things, or both within our current storage system. We intend on moving soon, we'll experiment more closely when we leave our current home.


An update on the food duplication: For some reason, the only food that seems to duplicate inside the stove is our Pancakes. The pictures above showcase what they started as, and now, ever time we've started up the server since that bug occurred, there has always been at least one pancake in the stove, one pancake in the microwave, and a couple cooked and uncooked pancakes in the fridge.


I'm in the middle of experimenting with fixing it. I've signed on solo, found the pancakes (1 in the stove, 3 in the fridge, 1 in the microwave), grabbed them all, placed them on a corpse, and signed off the server. After signing back on, it wasn't exactly the same, but there were still duplicate pancakes; 4 uncooked ones, just like the first picture. I grabbed them, dumped those on a corpse, and signed off again. Upon relaunching the server again, there were no remaining duplicate pancakes. Bear in mind, I'm the host of the server, and I was doing this without anyone else on the server. I'll update this thread if they return through others joining us.


Another complaint I had, but I'm not sure if it's an implemented feature or if it's a bug; two people were using a car. One person was sitting in the driver seat, waiting for a passenger. There were a lot of zombies around them. The passenger enters car, driver inadvertently leaves the car and gets very wounded. Can zombies pull people out of cars now, or did something eject them from the driver seat? Hard to say from our perspective, but he lost his character because of it.

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Lovely, thank you for the response!


I'd like to throw in one more bug I've encountered; minor, but still


Looting through a house, I found a pot of uncooked pasta on top of an oven. I decided to cook and eat it. Only problem being, it cannot be eaten for some reason? These are the only options I had for it. I decided to put it in the fridge for some reason, but that's all I can do with it. I couldn't eat it before or after I cooked it20211213193940_1.thumb.jpg.03bb735a8df28df87a996832fdcd11e1.jpg

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