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NPC merchant with own base


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This idea will probably already be relevant when the developers take on the NPC.
I think it would be cool to add traders to the game:


  • merchants sell rare items (cement, stucco, sledgehammer, etc.)
  • currency - for example, captured animals or something like that.
  • the merchant has a mini-base which cannot be entered
  • the merchant cannot be killed, since he is inside the armored base
  • it is also impossible to disassemble the room with a sledgehammer where he sits
  • there are always a lot of zombies near the base, as the noise of the generator attracts them
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It really doesn't fit the game to have static vendors selling items. NPCs are supposed to be roaming, like the player trying to survive. It'd really take away from the experience to have them just do nothing, especially after all these years. Lore wise and logically the story makes no sense to have these types of 'NPCs' in the game.


Instead they're going to be more intelligent, dynamic and interesting than static vendors, thankfully. :)

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I like the idea, although it would probably have some problems with the whole sandbox thing. But it could be made optional. A good idea from this would be to make a "border smugler", since the area is in quarantine some people trade with the people inside through illegal means. Pretty much like the merchant in stalker just like the picture. I figure perhaps a small cell would appear at the side of the map where the merchant would be. 
Multiplayer would have problems with it though since everyone would be camping the area. Unless maybe something else is done, like this:
Communication with the smuggler  is done remotely through radio perhaps, then you are given a small quest to drop off your goods somewhere random, and after a day you receive the location of the goodies the merchant prepared in exchange for your stuff. This would create: 
a- random points to drop off stuff and to loot it (optional for secret stashes, buried goods, or even heli drops?)

b- nobody will know where it is except you, but perhaps others could find it (could be optional?)

c- no problems with adding any new tile to the map, helping the sandbox style

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12 hours ago, Nazarito22 said:

currency - for example, captured animals or something like that.

As we now know, the currency can be vodka and cartridges.
Animal meat deteriorates quickly and does not have the obligatory sign of money - it is not capable of being a means of accumulation.

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