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Survivors Revenge (Suggestion)


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Lets say when survivors are released you find a large stronghold in the farmhouse with the well,  a large group of 15 survivors heavily armed so you and your buddies (If/when being a leader is implemented) raid the safehouse.



What started out as a normal patrol job ended up getting 6 of the 15 survivors killed and resulting in the loss of food, medical and ammunition supplies.


Now what are they going to do?????


1: Forget about it and go about there robotic ways


2: Seek revenge and track you down and get pay back, if one of there survivors see you they will remember you and will not wait around and say "Stand Back" No they will charge you with there weapon or shoot you.

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I'm going to end up  killing most of the other survivors...


Edit: After I befriend them and gain their trust and eat their food and drink their water....

Did you play the old releases that had NPCs? They were far more likely to get the drop on you (e.g. with shotguns on day 1, popping up behind you and killing you on sight) than the other way around. They were also more likely to consume your reserves as they didn't really build stockpiles (either in our outside your group).


Some of this may change in the future, but don't plan to be the one drawing the long straw in NPC relations.

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