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Vanilla Map + Mod Map Locations [BIG QUALITY]

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In the files you will find: Full Vanilla Map Images with overlaped towns PNG, Full vanilla Map with overlaped towns PSD, All the render cells made from CartoZed (no quality reduction) and all the Map Mods included!

PNG + JPG IMAGES ONLY: https://www.mediafire.com/file/cb5ohhaui8pfis4/ProjectZomboid_MapImages.rar/file

You will find the full images (25% bigger than preview), PNG + JPG. Both maps with pinned locations and without pinned locations.

RAVEN CREEK ONLY: https://www.mediafire.com/file/imk1jyc82qpcl76/Raven_Creek_Only.rar/file

You will find Raven Creek map much bigger than in the whole map image. PNG + PSD Montage.


Hello Guys!

Im so excited to finally play B41 Multiplayer. I have a group of friends and we played a LOT single player. We almost know every town by hearth right now. So Im setting a game with a lots of map mods so we can have a great new experiencie when MP is released.

After I installed all the mods I had no idea where to go. And one of my friends suggested we can create a simple template map so we can plan our routes.
We actually started to draw a template but was so simple, I couldnt locate myself and when I was trying to go to the new locations I found barricades blocking the streets.



So I started this project to overlap the map mods into the big vanilla map.

Someone told me that you can download a big image of the map (640GB+) from: https://map.projectzomboid.com/. But this image is nowhere to be found. So I set a zoom that I liked it and started screen capturing all the map and put all the pieces together in photoshop (I love puzzles).
After the vanilla map was completed I downloaded CartoZed tool from The Indie Stone Forums and rendered all the custom maps. Again putting all the pieces together using photoshop and then trying to find their exact location by walking in game and looking at the info given in the Steam Workshop.

This is all the maps included:
- Bedford Falls
- Blackwood
- Eds Auto Salvage
- Eerie Country
- Film Studio
- Fort Crosstown
- Gas Station
- Glenport
- Grapeseed
- Park Rangers HQ
- Lake Ivy Township
- Little Township
- Little Farmstead
- Masaii Old Town
- Over The River + Secondary Route
- Pitstop
- Raven Creek
- Survival Farm
- Survivor Warehouse
- West Point Expansion

Because I put all the maps together by hand they may not be exaclty in the position they are in game. But I tried my best and they are pretty close to the real position.
I tried to go to Bedford Falls and the road that leads first into Masaii old Town is not blended correctly with the original road. Also after the Masaii old Town there is a metal fence that you will need to go a bit over the road to finally find the first road of Bedford falls. Also the tiles in those two towns sometimes seem off place like there is some tiles conflct but is totally playable (and love big buildings).
Xonic's Megamall was removed from my mod list because it crashed my game every time I tried to spawn close to it. I belive the author is working for B41 release.
And this is the result (full image size in download):



I wanted to share with all of you this map so you can plan with your friends too what are you going to do when the MP is released. I hope this can be useful. Enjoy!

Big thanks to all the modders, to the guy/s who created the CartoZedTool, to the huge work that was put to create the big online map that we all know and use, and to The Indie Stone for their awsome game!
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