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Character creation skill cost bug

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I just started on PZ build 41 and I've been having a great time. Something weird just started happening though. I've started a few different games as I played around with mods and saved a preferred character preset as a Fire Officer. The buffs I added were Lucky, Faster Learner, and Keen Hearing. The debuffs I added were Underweight, Agoraphobic, Clumsy, and Conspicuous. This balanced out to 0. During a game the house I was living in caught fire seemingly at random and while trying to put it out, my character fell down dead without any warning. I tried to start a new game with my saved presets, but now picking the Fire Officer profession puts me at -10 without any additional buffs or debuffs. I don't understand why this is happening.


EDIT: Apologies, it seems to be caused by the Dynamic Traits mod.

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