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invisible infection bug (not sure if its a bug)

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I've been playing on my character for a while now, until I got scratched in the neck, and 2 other places, no bites or anything, just scratches, I didnt have any rags on me so I had to get inside and get some, when I was done bandaging the wounds I went to sleep on a chair, and the next day, neck, and another wound got healed, nothing happened much, I just stayed in the building while waiting for the last wound to heal, when I was able to sleep again I noticed that my character was getting too much stress while sleeping, I shrugged it off thinking its some kind of a bug, the last wound got healed, and then I noticed I started taking damage and got the "queasy" moodle, there were no corpses around me or anything, and there was no infection on any of the wounds, now as I think about it, this might just be a thing I didnt know about project zomboid

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The zombie infection doesn't show up on the health tab. The infections that you see on the health tab are related to regular wound infections only. Any of those scratches had a chance to give you the zombie infection and it sounds like one of them did. Even if the wounds heal you'll still start to lose health from the zombie infection looming inside you. No amount of bandaging or disinfecting can get rid of the zombie infection once you have it.


The default game settings take about 2-3 days for the zombie infection to kill you off and scratches are a low chance of infection, lacerations a medium, and bites are a guaranteed death sentence. So you did get a bit unlucky with a scratch taking you out but multiple wounds will really start to add up.


RIP and good luck to your next character!

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