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Wrong values for the `Facing` property of IsoWindow objects

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When an IsoWindow is oriented either East or South, the property Facing of the window indicates a wrong value, respectively West and North.


For example, given an IsoWindow that is oriented East, the following code would print W in the console instead of E:


When the IsoWindow objects are oriented either North or West, then we get the proper values, respectively N and W

Here's the code I'm using to print the values in the console:

function onFillWorldObjectContextMenu(player, context, worldobjects, test)
    for _, object in ipairs(worldobjects) do
        if instanceof(object, 'IsoWindow') then
            local orientation = object:getProperties():Val('Facing')
            print('DEBUG: Window facing ' .. orientation)


Note: I had to crop the screenshots to fit the 4MB upload limit, but I can provide the full version if needed, just ask.






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