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[Solved]Newbie's code

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I currently try to remove all the items from the map and tried three short codes.


local function lootTest()
local player = getPlayer();


local function lootTest2(zombie)


local function lootTest3()
local container = getContainer();

The first one and the second one work well but the third one doesn't work at all.
Probably I don't correctly specify containers and I don't know how to specify all the containers at once.
I would appreciate if someone could fix the code.

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1/ If I set aside the strangeness of your attempt:

you could parse all squares and for each of them:

parse static objects for containers

parse dynamic objects for containers

parse vehicles for containers

for each of theses containers:

remove all items inside them


2/ why would you remove all items from a world ?

you'd probably better create a world without items.

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