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A new container Idea

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I think that is good to implement  Safes to the game that the devs can implement to random   houses in the map.You need to find notes that its random spawn in that house where you are , that if you found the note you can open the safe and check what it have inside.


The safes can have Guns,ammo,Baseball Bats,etc......


When is multiplayer implemented you can use it to protect yours items of other Players and from Raiders (Npc) that enter to your house to steal a lot of your supplies , The safes can only guard a determined Quantity of objects , If the safe is big can have more Supplies but is more hard to find the note.





Optional: You can put that you can Picklock the Safe or something like that, That if you have the trait of Luck you have more possibility for open it and not to fail. Raiders can force the lock too....









Thanks to Joel172 For the idea  (fedora) 

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Has this been already discussed anywhere? Sounds familiar.


This would be good to have, more occupations would need to be added before this or else there would be no way to get into the safe.

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