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[IWBUMS 41.55 Steam] - golden digital watch transforms to analog watch


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I don't know if it is maybe just a bug in the german translation, but I would like to report it as a bug:


I have two golden digital watches in a shelve.


As soon as I take equip them (from shelve or main inventory) to my right handwrist, they transform to golden analog watches.

(When I equip them to my left handwrist, they stay to golden digital watches.)

When I unequip the golden analog watches from my right handwrist afterwards, they stay analog watches in the main inventory or shelve.

When I equip them afterwards to my left handwrist, they transform back to digital watches.


But in any case, they work like analog watches, so without temperature and without alarm.

So maybe it is just a translation bug. (But even then, i should not have to different named items...)


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I changed the game to english language to test (without doing anything in game after loading):

In english, both watches (on left and right wrist) have the same name: "Golden Wrist Watch"

In german, equiped on left wrist is named "Goldene  Digitaluhr".

In german, equiped on right wrist is named "Goldene  Armbanduhr".


Vanilla game 41.55 steam, without any mods.


[Edit:] Screenshot doesn't work, so I added photos of the screen...




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