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[IWBUMS 41.55] SPD!!! Spontaneous Pants Disintegration

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While I don't currently have a screenshot, I've gotten this somewhat amusing but also humiliating problem at least twice now. Rarely zombies will hit your survivor's groin when attacking you from a standing position, and in the most recent build I've noticed that this will INSTANTLY reduce the durability of a pair of jeans to zero... from a single hole in the groin. While it may be embarrassing to be wearing a pair of jeans with a hole in the groin, it is surely better than having those jeans instantly disappear from your body, leaving you half naked. I'm also pretty sure a pair of jeans shouldn't be instantly destroyed by one hole in the groin area.


Please look into this if possible! SPD victims everywhere like myself would be grateful.


Let me know if any further information is required.

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