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Lore Friendly Suggestions (Will keep updating the list)

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Hello everyone,


This is a zombie apocalypse survival veteran that will bring you great and fun suggestions that may add more fun to the game ! Keep in touch as i will keep editing the list, and any friendly disccusions and opinions are welcome (clyde)


I will be placing my suggestions into categories so that you can keep track of them !


PS : I will be using the term Zed to shorten the word Zombie


Barricading / Camoflage / Hiding :

  • Add possibility to cover car windows with sheet.
  • Add possibility to cover windows with paper (requires : x amount of paper + glue).
  • Add possibility to paint the windows to block view (The paint will be washed by rain if painted while it's raining).
  • Add possibility to crouch in large bushes to lower detection (chance for zeds to lose aggro + chance for zeds to not see you if they walk by).
  • Add possibility to hide under the bed or inside large closets.
  • Add possibility to hide inside dumpsters (character has the chance to feel grossed, sad, depressed or sick if they stay there for a long time).


Items :

  • Add shopping carts, both the big and small one (can be loaded with items and dragged around).
  • Add builder/tool cart (can be loaded with items and dragged around).
  • Add bicycle (can be damaged, destroyed, repaired, dismantled).
  • Add more types of seeds.
  • Add seeds for fruit trees.
  • Traps for zeds (bear trap, hole with spikes, trip wire, shotgun with wire, grenade with wire..).


Weapons :

  • Lootable and craftable electric batons (Lootable from police zeds or police stations (good version) and craftable with battery, wires, scrap.. (not so good version)).
  • Land mine (can be found in military bases and maybe can be crafted).
  • Claymor (can be found in military bases and maybe can be crafted).
  • Flash bombs (can be found in military bases, but do they even work on the zeds?).


New Mechanics :

  • Ability to push doors and to kick doors (high chance of success to push back or to knock down zeds if characters has high level of strength and/or fitness, and fail if the other side is barricaded).
  • Ability to drag corpses (useful if the player is encumbered).
  • Add building with concrete and bricks (will expand this one into it's own categorie).
  • Add auto-watering systems (drop by drop watering system or sprinklers).
  • Set hay bellow windows to fall safely (the greater the distance the highest the chance to break your bones or die).
  • Throw bag, primary, secondary from window (chance for easy to break items to break from the fall, ex : jars).
  • Dropping sheet and bandages on ground have a chance to make them dirty.
  • The smell of dead corpses have a chance to attract nearby zeds (burning the corpses is the solution).
  • Fighting zeds on stairs can be dangerous (1- zeds can trumble and fall on you if they're upstairs, 2- zeds can pull you from your legs if they're downstairs).
  • Ability to plant berries (hard to maintain to avoid ruining foraging system).
  • Ability to grow shrooms (probably after a basement system is added).


Immersion :

  • Make the back of the pickup cars look filled with items if the trunk has items in it.
  • Any container that can hold water but doesn't have a cover can lose water if the character sprint, fall, jump over walls and fences or jog (ex: cups, pots, empty cans..etc).
  • Zeds can fall inside wells which will make them contaminated (and maybe add a way to clean and furify the wells).


Smithing :


This new system will have it's own skill to level up, recipes to learn, new profession and more below :


  • New profession : Blacksmith (knows all recipes but still need to level up to use them).
  • Recipes : Melt iron / Melt Silver / Melt Gold / Build Furnace / Build Anvil
  • Earrings, rigns, necklaces...etc can be melted
  • Scrap metal, bars and other metal items can be melted.
  • Furnace and Anvils can be found.
  • Tools needed : Hammer, air blower, Hot metal picker, Blacksmith Suit (good for protection)...



(i'll add more soon) stay tuned !

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