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Soo close, but stumped for months. Weapon mods to show on firearms - SOLVED -

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So I have been trying to get my custom weapon mods to show on my custom weapons, but am stumped. I am fairly certain it has something to do with blender. 


I believe it may be linked to the Location and Rotation of the mod in relation to the firearm. I imported the assaultrifle & reddot from the base game, to Blender 2.79. When I change the location and rotation of the reddot this is the result:



I can simply rotate the rifle 90 degrees and it looks the same as if I add the reddot to the rifle in game. Ok so I do this to my modded guns and weapon mods, then copy the location & rotation coords to the offset and rotate in my mods, but when I attach the mod in game, it does not appear. It shows that I have attached the mod onto the firearm, but it's not visible. I have made sure to export the (optic) mod .x file and texture to the proper locations, but still nothing. 


This problem has been driving me crazy for months now. I really could use some help. Usually when I get stumped it is most likely a stupid simple issue I have forgotten about.


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Finally the issue has been resolved! I'll post the solution here for others. The issue was not related to blender. Just export the models and get them into the game. Then use the debug tool and use the attachment editor to help fine tune the attachment. Save the results which should generate the offset and rotate coords for you.   


I'll polish up this proof of concept and make an updated video tutorial for making firearms.




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