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Guns and tools are too fragile!

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I found an M-14 with full 'condition' and after a few pew pew sessions its down to 1 quarter condition... I own and shoot guns regularly and even my shittiest cheap guns don't just fall apart after a few hundred rounds... Let us manage them by having to clean them ect. Not have the break after 500 rounds...

Also the axes are hilariously weak. An axe will become blunt looooong before it breaks so let us maintain them first. Make them last longer but require sharpening because at the moment the condition system is unrealistically silly..

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I also think that the weapons system is unrealistic now. 
But she's like that for the sake of balance. The game forces the player to constantly look for new weapons and tools or make them.
If the developers make the power of weapons and tools more, then there will be no need for such a large amount of all this on the map.
Therefore, I think that if the developers change something, then not much.

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