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41.55 Soundwoks bugs

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1) Outdoor/Indoor transitions are broken. Zombies screaming and making sounds do not transition if player or Zombie moves from indoor or outdoor. Not every time but often enough to be a problem. Watching Zombies from Church doors and they spot player. Sounds start playing muffled screams. Walks backwards and the two Zombies enters church but sounds play as if they are outside. It might have to do with entering a second room just as the Zombie enters the church. But the church doors where broken down and the room player entered had no doors but just a open frame. Never experienced anything like that pre soundworks builds. I had zombies muffled sounds even now we where in the same room. Quite scary to think what cheap deaths might happen from something like that. They where position right but muffled and very confusing. 


2) Door knocking sounds if not the same WAY to similar no matte where they are relative to where the player stands. No way to really know if the Z is knocking on exterior door or second floor closed door. Same with window attack sounds. Before SoundWorks you where almost able to know what door/window was being knocked on by just the sound alone. Knowing the laying that is.


3) Sandbox engine sound multiplier seems to do nothing. But might be wrong on that. Like my vehicles to not be quite when glass charts can get a hoard to stump your face in.


4) Entering a vehicle have a weird sound crackle at the end. You get in and sit down and year this strange late sound that sounds like it needs a clean up? Not sure. 


5) Shovels do not make sound when you put dirt over the the grave.


6) TV static gone. The world feels very empty when you sit in front of the TV in the night and no sound plays. 


7) Going indoors removes rain sounds. Even now before you where able to here rain from indoors. Now it just fades away as soon as you enter any building. 


Outside of sound balance issues and the odd seagull in cites it is not that broken.

But Zombie positioning and such is crucial to be worked out.  :)

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