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Items missing

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Hi, me again, I think i want to report a bug, but I dont know if I m the only one having problems with it.

The situation is as follows.

I've started a new game after last error crashed my previous game.
So I like to accumulate a lot of item before storing them into containers right?
At the beginning of the game i d got some army boots and normal boots, which i ended up placing on the floor of my house, later in the game those boots were not there, so i thought it was my imagination and maybe i was confuse with the previous game so I've kept playing and so I found more army boots. Now I knew I have them. After playing for a while, the boots I was using end up being broken so i went back to get a new pair, but all  the boots I ve looted dissapared, I mean like 5 pair of army boots placed on the floor.

Is there maybe an autocleaner of item when there are too many on the floor? If not, I don't know what happened to those 5 pairs of boots. 

Thanks for the good work...

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