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How to use Zomboid with Github? Or how to change default Zomboid workshop folder?


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I'd like to keep track of versions of my mods. I was thinking about using GIT for this, but I'm concerned that the git files will get uploaded to Steam with the mod when the mod is published. Obviously I'd like to avoid that. :) Do you have any experience with using GIT with Zomboid? Will the GIT files be uploaded? How to set up GIT to avoid it? I'm not an experienced GIT user.


As an alternative to GIT (just for sharing across machines, not versioning) I was thinking about placing the Workshop folder on a Dropbox drive. Does anyone know how to change the default Workshop folder? I mean the Workshop upload folder ("C:\Users\[UserName]\Zomboid\Workshop"), not the one with downloaded mods (in Steam Library). I haven't found it in neither the game's option nor the Steam's properties. 

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About using git, if using the command line tool you can do something like this:

git checkout-index -a -f --prefix=/destination/path/

The trailing slash is important or it won't work as expected. That would strip out the .git folder. You'd still get the .gitignore etc though.
You could also do this:

git archive --format zip --output /tmp/YourModRelease.zip main

The "main" part is the branch you want to archive, could be different for you, like "master" maybe.


Alternatively, on Github you can create tags and releases. This would create a downloadable archive which would also not contain your .git folder.

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