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[Noiseworks] Dampen that reverb a touch, it's kinda silly. Also give us a way to mute/change the jumpscare sting!


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So I just started playing the new patch, and the Noiseworks has a LOT of awesome to it. I love the new sounds, especially those crispy deep menu button clicks. So satisfying. I could hit buttons all day long.

However, when I got ingame I immediately felt something was a little off. Walked outside and it hit me after i'd walked around hearing noises for a bit.

Y'all cranked the reverb up waaaaaay too high. The echo. The room wet mix. Whatever it's called in Noiseworks, it really does not feel right outdoors especially. It's..... okay, ish, indoors, so long as the room is wide open like a warehouse, but in a furnished room with carpets and all that jazz sound does NOT echo like that and it gives me actual migraines.

Not sure if those settings are editable on the fly but those would be my number 1 target to give a slider in the audio options, as this is something that varies from person to person.  Hell, if we had access to the basic audio settings like wet mix, damping, reverb, stereo width, etc i feel like while many people wouldn't immediately use them most people know what bad reverb sounds like and could tweak them.

Even if not, please consider toning it down a little, it's ridiculous outdoors, and turns the background wind noise into a white noise esque hiss that genuinely gives me a literal headache after less than 5 minutes.

Speaking of toning it down, the jumpscare chord is a very divisive thing amongst zomboid players. I know y'all are very attached to it in the dev team but please make some concessions for those of us playing that either have weak hearts or simply find jumpscare chords to be the laziest form of horror shorthand ever devised. it's literally interchangeable with the Metal Gear Solid alert noise in function, and honestly it really is far too bombastic and over the top. 

Please give us an option to mute the jumpscare chord and/or an option to change it to something more toned down like a zombie growl or literally a metal gear solid alert noise if you feel so inclined.

Note that I don't feel it's something that needs to be removed, far from it, it's a horror trope that many people like and expect to find, it's just that there's a sizeable chunk of people out there that find it annoying or worse and they deserve to be given the option to do something about it.

Anyway, that's my input on the new Noiseworks from a surface level, i'm gonna keep playing and see if any other issues pop up.

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poppin a spiffo down here.


I love the sound, however this person is on to something i think. I am not an audiophile by any stretch of the imagination, but i think the point about white noise is valid here.


It doesn't sound bad by any means, but i do feel like some of the other sounds get buried in an odd way sometimes.


GG Tony!

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I very much agree with the reverb comment. Does feel a bit too echoey in a building like a house.

Im not too concerned with jumpscare chord, only that sometimes it isnt effective simply because I know a zed is already there. 

My main gripe with the update is the sound difference inside vs outside. Theres certain things where the volume balancing just sounds weird. Like being outside but hearing a zombie quietly grumbling inside a room I happen to be passing the nearest outside wall to. Or leaving a car on and heading inside only to hear the car still ticking over but the sound scape of the wind to be muted much more heavily. 

Having said that, theres an awful lot I do love about the sound overhaul but defo needs a few tweaks and pokes.


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I agree, The combat sounds aren't the best either.


The sound when you stomp on zombies or swing your weapon is very cartoonish and feels like a downgrade compared to the old sounds to me. The general direction the new sounds are going is great, just needs a few tweaks.

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