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How to combine map mods and set locations


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Hello guys!

I know there is already a mod (AIZ2) out there that does this, but I wanted to try my luck on my own.

The question is how do I combine map mods together to one big map mod, and how do I set the locations of individual map parts on my own?



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Theres a post on here by the devs that tells you how to do that.


you put all the .bin .lotheader and .lotpack files into one folder, if maps use the same zone you put the ones you want to override the other ones in last.


you then combine the contents of objects.lua spawnpoints.lua spawnregion.lua and worldmap.xml into one file.


(making sure to add any missing commas in side of the lua tables in those files.)


If you need detailed instructions no one is replying because that post is here on the forums.


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